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How is your marketing strategy focused on social networks? They not only serve to attract tastings and comments, but can also be decisive in your lead generation. To do this, you need to have landing pages on Instagram.

This is a very important element for a conversion-targeted campaign, or CRO. The acronym stands for conversion rate optimization.

It involves making every effort to increase your conversion rate on the channels on which your business operates. To this end, strategic data and tests are used to prove the effectiveness of the initiatives.

Social networks have become an integral part of most marketing strategies today. Instagram is particularly valuable because it allows you to engage your audience with content that generates identification and inspires a sense of closeness in people.

However, it is not because it is a relaxed space that you should work without strategy. Read more in this article!

What are the benefits of having landing pages in Instagram focused on CRO?

To focus on CRO while working on this platform, you need to use landing pages on Instagram.

Every offer you post on this social network has to have a highly strategic destination so you can measure your performance and maximize your potential for success.

After all, it’s no use having quality content if it does not point to the right offerings.

The following are the main advantages of having landing pages in Instagram:

Increase in number of leads

Getting your audience targeted properly to the deals that are of interest to you is something basic in any marketing channel; so it could not be different when it comes to Instagram.

Social networks are able to bring much success to business conversions, just use the right resources to do so. With landing pages on Instagram, you’ll be able to bring a lot more people to your product.

Better usability

The worst that can happen in your conversion strategy is having an audience that does not know where to go. If you are advertising a certain offer, the way to it needs to be extremely clear.

This is one of the roles of landing pages on Instagram: have a page for each offer, whose main objective is to clear all questions from the lead and take you to the conversion.

Focus on mobile

One of the biggest mistakes in Instagram focused strategies is trying to get the audience to offers located on non-responsive sites.

Think about it: the overwhelming majority of people using this social network do so through the mobile app.

So, your website needs to work properly on this type of device. Use landing pages on Instagram and ensure that even if your site needs to be updated, people are not harmed.

More accurate results

As much as Instagram offers a lot of information regarding the engagement and reach of your posts, it can still be harder to determine if they are getting a good number of leads for their offerings.

For more accurate data, simply use landing pages on Instagram. So, monitor the results directly from them to prove the effectiveness of your strategy.


Did you see how efficient it is to use landing pages on Instagram to improve your results on CRO-focused campaigns?

Social networking can be powerful tools for getting leads and turning them into customers, just use the right resources to make the most of the potential that these platforms offer.

People are willing to buy from you, just offer them the proper means to do this from Instagram.

There are tools that make it possible to turn your Instagram profile into a lead generation machine. It works as follows:

The tool automatically creates a store from your Instagram posts. Your store will be identical to your Instagram feed and your follower will be able to access it without leaving the application via the bio link;

You choose which publications will be available in the store;

Each store image will be linked to a landing page.

With tools like this you will be able to sell much more through Instagram. We of the blog

Marketing in Social Networks indicate the

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