Key trends and insights for Instagram in 2018 relate to content creation, performance analysis, and Stories.

Managing your business account manually is something that will surely stay in the past. After all, it will be increasingly necessary to use analysis tools, management and planning of messages.

Proof of this are the Instagram news for 2018. Check out the main ones!

6 Instagram news in 2018:

1. Reduction in organic reach and growth of automation platforms

By the end of 2017, users began to feel the dreaded and already expected reduction in the organic reach of Instagram.

While most people think that the only solution is to pay to boost posts, your company’s account automation can help you recoup a part of that lost reach for a lower cost, whereas you will not be spending every time you post something.

Automation is useful because you can move your profile by performing multiple actions simultaneously and intensely, preventing you from spending hours each day trying to engage your audience.

Automation platforms, such as Bume, are great for performing:

– reception of new followers through automatic sending of direct messages;

– post scheduling that fits your marketing strategies;

– target audience targeting to automatically track people who have already shown interest in a service or product similar to yours;

– automatic interactions of the enjoy, follow and fail to follow options;

– monitoring of results to follow the evolution of your profile.

2. Instagram profile will be your new homepage in 2018

Yes, you did not read it wrong. There are more and more people looking for brands, first on Instagram, instead of going straight to Google.

This means that, just as you have dedicated yourself to creating a site with a flawless layout, you should also give proper attention to your Instagram feed.

Planning to create and post posts and create a color or style pattern is paramount for your account growth and will be one of the determining factors for your profile’s success in 2018.

Free creative platforms like Canva will be very useful for producing images that need text and other elements. Applications such as VSCO (android | IOs) and Afterlight (android | IOs) can help you unify filters to make your profile more harmonious.
A portion of your followers will visit your profile after following you, so visual communication is key to gaining a new follower.


3. Instagram Stories Highlights (or simply Highlights) gains strength

The Instagram Stories Highlights enable brands to gain greater visibility, as well as increase public engagement and thus grow sales.

This feature is already booming in 2018! After all, it’s great for splitting, segmenting and organizing the content posted on Stories.

If you have, for example, a women’s clothing store, you can create albums like:
– news;

– beach fashion;

– plus size;

– retro;

– pop;

– contact;

– instructions.

But stay tuned! The maximum number of characters allowed for the album name is 10.

4. Digital Rights Management will be more active

In 2018, Digital Rights Management will be more active, generating more attention on content playback on Instagram.

This is because recently Instagram has implemented a program that allows creators to send their content to be monitored by the platform.

That is, your company must meet some social media guidelines, and go through a brief process to get permission to refill any types of content generated by other users. If you do not comply, content owners may block your publication.

In that case, our tip is that you always ask permission before refueling anything. Regardless of whether it’s just a photo or a video. That way you will avoid being punished!

5. The invasion of micro-influencers

Being a digital influencer on Instagram was a “big people” thing by the end of 2016. However, over time, small and medium-sized businesses have also begun to struggle for space on the internet.

Due to the high prices often charged by major influencers, these companies started to look at the most popular consumers in certain regions, and from that, a number of partnerships emerged.

This type of action has proven so successful that more and more small and medium-sized companies have been offering services and products in exchange for the famous publiposts of micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers do not become celebrities, but they have a certain popularity among certain segments and niches.

So get ready! Because in 2018 there will be many micro-influencers and they may be among the people you already follow.

6. Marketing on Instagram will be more analytical

To get good results on Instagram in 2018 you really should understand the behavior of your audience and monitor the performance of your content.

Because the platform algorithm is constantly changing, the reach and engagement of brand profiles will eventually suffer the consequences.

Therefore, companies, influencers and micro-influencers should optimize their marketing strategies and analysis.

We hope you are prepared for all the news on Instagram in 2018! After all, they will influence (and much) your brand’s results!

To save your time, download our Checklist to increase Instagram results for your business and start organizing your strategies for 2018!

See you later!