Social networks are powerful marketing and conversion tools, simply implementing effective strategies to take advantage of the best of them.

Instagram is a great platform for getting in touch with your audience and targeting your offers, but you need a shopping journey.

This concept is meant to organize your efforts based on how much your audience is ready to purchase your product.

Those who have just heard about your brand may not be interested in your services soon, needing a different approach.

However, those who already have significant contact with the company may be more willing to close deals.

The shopping journey helps you plan and execute your actions at every stage. Without it, it is impossible to communicate effectively with all your potential customers.

Want to know how the shopping day applies to Instagram? Just follow these tips:

Develop your people

Every marketing strategy needs a very in-depth knowledge of the target audience. The best way to ensure this is by creating personas, which are representations of the audience slices that you intend to impact.

As the focus of your strategy is on Instagram, it is from this platform that your people should leave. Consider the habits and needs of these people and how they are expressed in this social network.

Structure each step

The structure of your brand’s shopping journey should be carefully planned to bring the desired effects. The first step is to think about how to approach the public with your products. What needs do they satisfy?

To help, you can observe real customer cases. See how they interact with the brand and on what occasions they decide to buy. Each stage should reflect an ever closer point to your product.

Plan your content

Once you have each stage of the shopping journey well defined, it’s time to think about what types of content you will publish on Instagram in each of them.

This platform has several different content formats, so you should choose well which ones will be used at each stage. Among the possibilities are photos, videos, boomerangs, Instagram Stories, among others.

Hit the CTAs

Call-to-action (CTA) is what will direct your potential customers to the next stage of the shopping journey. Therefore, they need to be well built so that good results can be obtained.

Take into account the profile of the public and adopt a compatible language. Use Instagram features to get your follower to the right place. How about using links in Instagram Stories, for example?

Track your results

The only way to make sure that your Instagram shopping journey is well structured is by looking at the results it achieves.

Keep an eye out to see if it’s possible to point people to the right offerings and whether conversions are occurring.

If you notice any problems, please resolve them as soon as possible. One of the key features of digital marketing is being able to adjust your strategy during the course of the campaign.

Turn your Instagram into an e-commerce
This tip is for anyone who wants to sell using Instagram as a disclosure.

If conversion is the final step in the shopping journey, we need to make that goal easier, right?

And some tools are helping many companies in this regard., for example, manages to turn your Instagram into an e-commerce.

This will make it easier for users to access your company’s products and consequently will increase conversion. Are you curious about how it works?