Engagement in social networks is essential if a brand is to keep in touch with the public and positively impact it. And Instagram offers several attractive features for this.

Do you often use Direct to communicate with your followers, for example?

This option serves as an instant communicator, which works from the application. It’s a quick and easy way to get in touch with other profiles directly or from Stories posts.

In any case, it can become a powerful ally of your marketing campaign.

In order for Instagram Direct to help your brand achieve good results on the social network, it must be used correctly.

As with any marketing resource, you need to fit it to the needs of your business and generate identification with the public. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Why use Instagram Direct in a marketing strategy?

Lead Generation

The more possible avenues of interaction with the public, the better for your lead generation.

After all, each of these lines of action can give rise to new business for you, depending on the strength of your arguments.

So take advantage of this possibility to improve your chances of success.

Personalized service

People are looking more and more for companies that understand them and respect their specific needs.

And you can personalize your contact with your audience by using Direct from Instagram, as it is a means of direct dialogue between two parties with a variety of resources available to users.

Incentive to engagement

Interactions are great supporters of more interactions. If your brand has the habit of interacting with the public using Instagram Direct, people will feel more comfortable talking to you.

This is very valuable because your followers can initiate contacts spontaneously.

How can I make good use of this feature in brand campaigns?

Be objective in the answers

Instagram Direct can serve as another means for potential customers to ask questions or solve problems.

Your primary focus should be on finding solutions to what these contacts need. Do not put barriers in these interactions: Instead, always try to provide a positive experience.

Humanize your dialogue

Your audience does not want to talk to someone robotic. Give your brand a voice and use it when interacting with followers through Instagram Direct.

Consider the profile of the audience and the characteristics of the company to build a proper speech and generate good reactions.

Explore all features

Instagram Direct has some tricks to give your work a lot of originality. You can, for example, send messages to groups, impacting more than one person. Another option involves producing Instagram Stories, with personalized content.

Some platforms like Bume allow you to set up automatic direct messages. That way, when you win a new follower, he or she can receive a welcome message or whatever you prefer.

Let’s start?

Now that you already know all the benefits of Instagram Direct and you know the best ways to properly take advantage of this resource, how about initiating action planning?

Consider the profile of your target audience and build an appropriate tone for your brand. Also, make sure to conduct experiments and observe the results obtained.

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