How to get more instagram likes fast?

Programming posting on Instagram is useful for keeping the updated social network more easily and with frequent posts.

Why program posting on Instagram?

In addition to making your life easier, since you do not have to be online at the time of the post, this feature helps you in the execution of your content planning.

That is, it assists you in the task of having scheduled posts, in the days and at strategic times for your business. All this without being held hostage by the computer or the cell phone at that very moment.

How to program posting on Instagram?

To schedule a post on Instagram you will need the help of an external tool. After all, Instagram only allows instant posting, unlike Facebook, which has already had the programming feature for a few years.

When you come across this issue, you will notice the existence of numerous tools, applications and platforms that focus on scheduling posts on Instagram.

But when we combine programming, strategy and planning into one place, it gets a lot more interesting.

Being able to rely on a multi-asset platform is almost always the best option. Therefore, to start programming posts in Instagram, we indicate the Bume. Also used here in Marketing in Social Networks.

The programming feature is new in the Bume platform and works in a simple way:

1. you upload the image;

2. Then choose the date and time that your post should go on the air.

Ready! This will automatically publish content to your Instagram profile.
At Bume, this post schedule was launched as something complementary to its strategic role. It’s almost a treat to its users, against everything it can offer. Its differential is in the automation of actions to win new followers.

All through the definition of reference profiles, hashtags, tanned and location. Its structure also allows the sending of instant messages, growth report and more.

As has become clear, scheduling posting on Instagram is part of the work of a social media, and your support tool has already been chosen.

Now, let’s give some strategic tips on how to do this programming in the best way.

Scheduling posts: 5 tips to do the best

Avoid repetition

People tire easily of the sameness. So avoid repetitive content without creativity. Do not let them avoid following you for that reason.

It is worth betting on diverse posts, alternating the themes and subjects that will treat. Also pay attention to the variation between photos, gifs, infographics, etc. Be creative!

Summative Content

Produce relevant content. You must appear to add up and each post should complement the previous content. That is, keep a coherence of subjects, in aesthetic terms (create a visual pattern of posts) and speech (assume a character, adopt your language) and be faithful to it.

Tell a story

When programming a post on Instagram think that it is part of a story. Your profile is telling this story to your audience, so look for a unit. This tip depends directly on the previous two.

Stay tuned for dates

The ability to schedule postings also helps you have greater control over the planning of commemorative dates that are important to your niche.

For example, if you have a beauty salon, it is important to know what the Hairdresser’s Day is.

Then just create the content and schedule the post on Instagram. Also, it is interesting for the engagement of your profile not to let celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Easter go unnoticed.

Choose strategic days and times

Your audience is probably not online at all times and days. Therefore, it is important to know this data to make posts that dialogue with their routine.

If they access Instagram more in the afternoon on Tuesday at 6:00 PM, for example, use that information in their favor. That is, have a timeline that includes that date and time.

With these tips and considerations on what you need to do to schedule a post on Instagram, you will certainly do a good job!

So, go ahead, and then tell us your experience, contact our website, it will be a pleasure to talk to you!