Social networks have greatly changed the habits of today’s people.

Nowadays, it is difficult to see someone who has not surrendered to all the possibilities brought by these platforms, especially in the cell phone.

Another strong trend is the focus on video content. It’s an easy and quick way to get the audience’s attention and bring it into another universe that’s being embraced by brands all over the world.

How about a marketing channel that combines the appeal of these two elements?

This is the case with Instagram Stories, where each post lasts only 24 hours and can involve a variety of resources to create content that catches the attention of your business audience.

Here are 5 tips for using Instagram Stories in your digital strategy. Good reading!

1. Make lives

In addition to allowing ephemeral posts, Instagram Stories also enables the creation of live streams for its followers.

It’s a great way to stand out, since anyone who follows the profile receives a notification when the live begins. Audiences can interact in real time, allowing you to respond to comments and adapt your content to them.

2. Respond to your interactions

Has any follower commented on any post?

So you need to pay attention to it.

Nobody likes to be ignored and your company will make a bad impression on the public if you do. Adopt a tone that fits your brand’s voice and try to check these contacts multiple times a day so no one will be forgotten.

3. Try all the features

With each update, Instagram Stories gets new filters, stickers and other innovative features to make your posts even more animated.

Do not be afraid to experiment with various combinations of these elements, since they give an unprecedented face to your publications. Each of these tools is a different way to impact your followers in an innovative way.

4. Use links

Want to target your audience to an offer or content?

You can do this using Instagram Stories. Just insert a link in your posts, plus an invitation to “slide your finger” up and access it right there.

Keep in mind that this destination should be responsive, as your follower is certainly using a smartphone to view it.

5. Track your results

Once you’ve started your Instagram Stories strategy, you need to turn to your audience and engagement numbers.

Only they will be able to help you guide your future decisions. See which types of post can reach the most audience for your goals and how content is being viewed.

Take all that into account when planning.

Instagram Stories can provide a great renewal in your marketing strategy. It’s a new way of communicating with your audience that has every appeal to generate engagement and direct the right people to your offerings.

You just have to know very well the possibilities of this environment and apply the right decisions when planning your approach.

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