How to get instant instagram likes?

Have you thought about implementing geomarketing in your strategy?

For know that thanks to all the technological progress of the last years, it is possible to direct your content to people in specific places. This allows you to maximize your potential for success by only impacting the right audience for your goals.

In fact, this concept applies to several different channels, among them, social networks. Instagram has a good part of its structure based on the ability to group photos, videos and stories by location. If you want to get better results with your marketing, you need to implement that idea.

To stay relevant to your audience and outpace your competitors, it is critical to use the appropriate initiatives that digital marketing provides. As? Count on technology as an ally to improve your bottom line and understand how geomarketing works for Instagram!

Why adopt geomarketing on Instagram?

If Instagram is an important part of your company’s marketing strategy, you should rely on the best mechanisms to extract the maximum value from that platform. Here are the main reasons to use geomarketing:

Focus on the right customers

It’s no use having a legion of followers if these people have no profile to buy from you. It is much more valuable to segment your strategy to reach only the right audience. The location of this audience is crucial to being able to sell more. An automation tool helps you accomplish this targeting easily and in high volume.

More monitoring opportunities

Not only does your brand need to positively impact potential customers, it also needs to stay on top of everything that is said about it on the internet. The geomarketing in Instagram offers great possibility to do this, simply include this mechanic in its monitoring. Just make the habit of checking the posts made in certain places.

Access strategic data

In addition to allowing better results in your marketing strategies, geomarketing also provides valuable information for your company’s business plan. For example, you can identify the demand for your product in a particular region.

How to hit the use of geomarketing in Instagram?

To take full advantage of using geomarketing in your Instagram strategy, you need to take some quality measures. Here are the top tips to get good results on this initiative:

Use in all types of post

Instagram can publish photos, videos and stories. Do not restrict geolocation when posting your content, since it is worth positioning it in all cases. Keep a pattern, always using the right location for your business.

Monitor hashtags

Although it seems that geomarketing refers only to posts made relative to the user’s GPS, it also holds for hashtags. When defining one, encourage the use of it by your customers so that more people know about it. It will serve as another way to position your brand on the map.

Encourage dialing

Your audience will not always properly bookmark your business location when you publish to Instagram. To make sure this is not a problem, it’s worth creating posts that encourage you to do so.

Geomarketing is a strong technology trend that has everything to revolutionize the performance of your brand in different spheres.

When it comes to Instagram, you can enjoy a number of benefits when using this mechanic. Adopt it effectively by following our tips to get all the benefits.

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How to get thousands of likes on instagram for free?

Here on our website we have already talked about how to gain followers in Instagram and bomb your profile.

Now the subject of the turn is how to gain tessellations on Instagram and increase engagement.

Are you interested?

So, follow with us!

Tannings, as well as the number of followers, are essential to the success of your Instagram profile. A high number of tanned products can increase the visibility and value of your profile.

A potential sponsor, for example, before entering into a partnership pays attention to engagement and consolidates it when they have a significant number.

In addition, through tanning it is possible to measure which content you should invest more and which did not arouse the interest of your followers.

This happens because, most of the time, people only enjoy what they liked, which they found beautiful or interesting.

After talking about the importance of engagement, now let’s give you 5 tips on how to earn tanned on Instagram.

That is, it is not only a strategy that will make you generate more engagement in your profile, but a set of them. The main ones are: to earn tinsel in instagram – Bume

1) Make frequent posts

To earn tastings on Instagram, it is ideal that you make frequent posts. That way you avoid falling into oblivion. But this line of posting a lot and posting little is very tenuous. Look for an ideal frequency, but without getting tired.

Check the days and times that your followers most access the social network and invest in content to be posted in that period.

It is also interesting to vary the types of posts, rotating between stories, post with photo or video and live broadcast.

2) Have good images

Instagram is a network in which “an image is worth a thousand words”.

You must have noticed that already, right?

When you post a beautiful, edited photo with filters, it tends to generate more tanned. Therefore, use and abuse of well-crafted, flashy and creative images. The same goes for the videos.

3) Use hashtags

Hashtags are very important to help you be found on Instagram.

So, never stop investing in them, betting on the ones that are more popular and that are related to your post and your business.

But the ideal is to have a limit of hashtags per posts, which ranges from 8 to 10 per post.

4) Use Bume to generate more engagement

In several posts here on the blog, we have already shown how Bume can be the ideal partner for the success of your profile. He is also with you on this mission to win tanned on Instagram.

Through it, it is possible, for example, to automate some actions of your profile, including enjoying the photos of your followers.

And, like many people, only enjoy the photos of those who enjoy theirs, this increases their number of tanned. In addition, this increase in number is a consequence of the highly engaged followers that this tool leads to your profile, based on the references you establish yourself.

5) Make sponsored posts

Another strategy that helps you to win more tanned is to invest in sponsored posts. They increase the reach of your posts and consequently generate more engagement. Select a post that you found most interesting to your business and make that experience.

What did you think of these tips? We hope you apply them to your profile and then tell us how the returns were!

How to get more instagram likes fast?

Programming posting on Instagram is useful for keeping the updated social network more easily and with frequent posts.

Why program posting on Instagram?

In addition to making your life easier, since you do not have to be online at the time of the post, this feature helps you in the execution of your content planning.

That is, it assists you in the task of having scheduled posts, in the days and at strategic times for your business. All this without being held hostage by the computer or the cell phone at that very moment.

How to program posting on Instagram?

To schedule a post on Instagram you will need the help of an external tool. After all, Instagram only allows instant posting, unlike Facebook, which has already had the programming feature for a few years.

When you come across this issue, you will notice the existence of numerous tools, applications and platforms that focus on scheduling posts on Instagram.

But when we combine programming, strategy and planning into one place, it gets a lot more interesting.

Being able to rely on a multi-asset platform is almost always the best option. Therefore, to start programming posts in Instagram, we indicate the Bume. Also used here in Marketing in Social Networks.

The programming feature is new in the Bume platform and works in a simple way:

1. you upload the image;

2. Then choose the date and time that your post should go on the air.

Ready! This will automatically publish content to your Instagram profile.
At Bume, this post schedule was launched as something complementary to its strategic role. It’s almost a treat to its users, against everything it can offer. Its differential is in the automation of actions to win new followers.

All through the definition of reference profiles, hashtags, tanned and location. Its structure also allows the sending of instant messages, growth report and more.

As has become clear, scheduling posting on Instagram is part of the work of a social media, and your support tool has already been chosen.

Now, let’s give some strategic tips on how to do this programming in the best way.

Scheduling posts: 5 tips to do the best

Avoid repetition

People tire easily of the sameness. So avoid repetitive content without creativity. Do not let them avoid following you for that reason.

It is worth betting on diverse posts, alternating the themes and subjects that will treat. Also pay attention to the variation between photos, gifs, infographics, etc. Be creative!

Summative Content

Produce relevant content. You must appear to add up and each post should complement the previous content. That is, keep a coherence of subjects, in aesthetic terms (create a visual pattern of posts) and speech (assume a character, adopt your language) and be faithful to it.

Tell a story

When programming a post on Instagram think that it is part of a story. Your profile is telling this story to your audience, so look for a unit. This tip depends directly on the previous two.

Stay tuned for dates

The ability to schedule postings also helps you have greater control over the planning of commemorative dates that are important to your niche.

For example, if you have a beauty salon, it is important to know what the Hairdresser’s Day is.

Then just create the content and schedule the post on Instagram. Also, it is interesting for the engagement of your profile not to let celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Easter go unnoticed.

Choose strategic days and times

Your audience is probably not online at all times and days. Therefore, it is important to know this data to make posts that dialogue with their routine.

If they access Instagram more in the afternoon on Tuesday at 6:00 PM, for example, use that information in their favor. That is, have a timeline that includes that date and time.

With these tips and considerations on what you need to do to schedule a post on Instagram, you will certainly do a good job!

So, go ahead, and then tell us your experience, contact our website, it will be a pleasure to talk to you!

How to increase instagram followers trick?

If you use Instagram as a channel for spreading your product or service, having lots of followers is important, right?

Did you know that it is possible to hire a program to increase followers on Instagram? And we’re talking about whether real users do not buy followers.

But to choose the best program, some points need to be analyzed. There are several options on the market, but each will offer different features. Check out the main criteria:

How to choose the program to increase followers in Instagram?


Some programs to increase followers also offer several other interesting features. Some of them are:

sending automatic Directs;
scheduling posts;
automatic interaction;
and much more.
To choose the right tool for you, you need to see the main features of each and ensure the most appropriate choice your need.


Another important point is the usability of the tool. What’s the use of having multiple features if they are difficult to use, right?

The choice of the ideal program also needs to take into account the difficulty of the tool. Some important points here are:

Is setup easy to do?

After the initial setup, can you change the information with ease?

If a person who did not participate in the initial configuration is to use the tool, will it be able to understand everything that is happening?

This point is important to be taken into account because when choosing a program to increase the number of followers on Instagram, you are likely to use it constantly.

And it is not interesting to deal daily with a difficult tool or it does not work in the right way.


In any tool you hire, one of the most important points is support. While everything is going well, few people remember how supportive it is.

But at the slightest sign of malfunction, you will thank you for choosing a tool with good customer service.

It is worth remembering that a good support is not one that appears only when something wrong happens. Good support works in an active way.

This means that a team within the company exists to ensure that customers are successful with the tool. A good team is available in several situations:

Tips on how to get more result;

Solution of doubts;

Solving any problems.


A good program to increase followers in Instagram has several reports for you to see the development of your profile. After all, it’s no use hiring a tool to improve the performance of your social networks if it’s impossible to measure that gain, right?

Bet on choosing a tool that has detailed analysis of the profile improvement in Instagram.