7 quick tips on how to sell by Instagram

Learn some tips to boost your sales in one of the most used social networks in the world

You must have realized how much the entrepreneurs are betting on Instagram to advertise their products and services.

The social network, which is one of the most used in the world, has become a showcase for many companies, whether they are large, medium or small.

If having a business profile on Instagram is something that appeals to so many corporations, it’s because the business works, right?

So we decided to give some tips on how to sell through Instagram.

Modern consumer habits have generated this demand for online sales. In addition to buying more and more over the Internet, most consumers search for products and services on the web.

To do this research, they almost always use Google and, most importantly, social networks.

That is, your online presence will help you win a customer by acting even before they decide which company they will choose to buy a product or service.

Everyone agrees that it is possible to sell through Instagram. But the question here is how to sell through Instagram?

So let’s give some tips for you to make your Instagram profile more interesting and prepared to work in the commercial area or even as a central sales or virtual store.

Instagram Selling Tips

1- Facilitate the purchase of the internaut

People are getting more and more scarce. So if you do not make it easier to sell, they give up and go after another company. If your business is an e-commerce, leave the link available in your bio and also in some posts.

The surfer will probably give up the purchase if they find it difficult to find the site. Or even if it is difficult to find on the website the product advertised on Instagram.

Today there are options of links in Instagram that couple your virtual store inside the App itself. Know the worth to invest in more information about digital e-commerce to know how to sell by Instagram, in a 100% virtual way.

The same goes for those who have a physical store. So leave your address as well as opening hours and contacts very visible to your audience.

2 – Bet on visual aesthetics

Instagram is an extremely visual social network. Therefore, to attract the attention of the public and get you to navigate your profile, it is necessary to have in hand diverse and very good quality images.

It is worth investing in spreading through, as they have attracted more and more views.

3- How to sell by Instagram from good content

Tracking a profile that only posts information about promotions and products can be tedious for many people.

Even if your focus is on sales, you can not do intrusive marketing. Educate your audience, share curiosities and information about your segment.

For example, if you have a clothing store, advertise your pieces, but also give fashion tips. Which part is best for each body type, etc.

4- Invest in digital influencers

If you have budget, it is worth investing in digital influencers. Look for one that talks to your business and proposes a partnership.

It’s no use hiring someone very famous, but that has no relation to the identity and concepts of your brand. That is, do not force the bar.

Choose also an influencer who has many followers and engagement with your audience of interest.

5- Make sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are essential to increase the reach of your post beyond your followers. Select posts that you consider strategic and drive them.

It’s important to keep track of your return on investment to see which post has paid the most, and thus improve your profile, according to what your audience is interested in.

6- Identify a posting frequency

What time and on what days of the week does your audience most access Instagram?

It is important that you have this answer to set up an optimal posting frequency for your business. Leaving widely spaced posts can make your business fall by the wayside and make lots of posts on the same day can become tiresome.

So, set a nice timeline for your followers, according to what you perceive and your research shows.

7- How to sell by Instagram with the help of a tool

There are some programs that help you gain more followers, schedule posts, and increase your profile engagement.

We, from the blog Marketing in Social Networks, indicate the Bume – tool offers several features that optimize the use of Instagram.

After reading these tips, it’s time to put them into practice. We hope they will help you launch your sales on Instagram.

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